Is Survival Worth It? (A Pseudo-Review Of Subnautica)

Game Title: SubnauticaCompletion Date: November 2021System: PlayStation 4Completion Time: 40 hoursMy Completely Subjective Score: 9 out of 10My One-Sentence Review: A frightening exploration of the deep, dark ocean, this game crafts a captivating story that will keep you interested until the end I’m really not sure if it’s just me, or if everyone else is…

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The Walk

The wagon bounced down the well-worn path, winding through the dense trees. Their leaves had begun their metamorphosis from green into orange and red hues. My arms wrapped around my son and my daughter. I would tell them that it was to keep them safe. Of course, that was a ruse. I would never miss…

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What I Learned From Persona 5

The following is a pseudo-review of the video game Persona 5. Enjoy. Game Title: Persona 5Completion Date: August 2021System: PlayStation 4Completion Time: 120 hoursMy Completely Subjective Score: 8 out of 10My One-Sentence Review: A classic JRPG with a few twists to keep the formula fresh; Believable characters that you will miss once the story ends;…

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A Better Life

The following is a short story inspired by recent world events. . . . If we lived in a different world, one with no evil or malice, with good-will for mankind, then these things would be unthinkable. But that’s not where we live, and that’s not how things are. At least not yet. And so,…

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True Love

It was a lazy day in late July. It had become evening, and it was very still on the lake. Not even a ripple showed. The quiet chitter and chirps of the wildlife could be heard on the edges of the shore, hidden by thick and luscious bushes and trees, their leaves a dark, healthy…

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