Finished my Vah Medoh wood carving!

Vah Medoh, or “the bird” as my family likes to call it, is one of the Divine Beasts in the latest game from the Zelda franchise, Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild, if you didn’t know, scored 10 out of 10 by pretty much any reviewer that touched the game. My son Nathan has beaten the game, from start to finish, at least 5 times. He’s 7, by the way. He pretty much finishes the game, makes a new profile on our Switch, and starts over again from the beginning. On his third play-through, he played on Master Mode, and absolutely destroyed the game. he does need my help from time-to-time, mostly with reading some of the harder words, but is for the most part perfectly capable of playing the game all the way without much help at all.

And recently my daughter, Emmy (4), has taken an interest to the game as well. This is mostly because she’s infatuated with Nathan and will automatically like something just because Nathan likes it. She started a play-through about a month ago, and we’ve already beaten the game. She has a second profile now, and it working on getting off the plateau (the first part of the game).

I’m so proud of my little gamers.

And what better way than to bond with your children than to make wood carvings of all of the Divine Beasts in the game!

Game On!

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