I made a simple cross for my father-in-law

I made this cross for my father-in-law. I thought about putting some thorns or a robe on it, but my father-in-law wanted something pretty simple. However, he wanted me to make sure that it could stand up-right by itself, which meant that I had to make a base for it. Most wood-carvers do make a base for their carvings, but I hadn’t done too many until now. It took me a while to figure out what the base would look like, but then I found a picture of a bear sitting on some slate-like rocks, and thought it looked awesome!

The Fence Post (www.thefencepost.com)

I tried to put a lot of textures into it, which is also something that I hadn’t done until recently.

Hope he knows this is what he’s getting from me for Christmas!

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